We offer FCC testing for most electronic products including wifi, transmitters, electronic amplifiers and headphones. Below are some of the most common tests we do. If you have a product you plan to launch world wide we recommend you also consider CE or ICES testing at the same time as many tests have the same requirements and will save you testing hours which means lower R&D costs.

FCC PART 2  Frequency Allocation, General rules and regulations
FCC Part 15 Computing Devices Cordless
Telephones, Satellite Receivers, TV
Interface Devices, Receivers Low
Power Transmitters, and Spread
Spectrum Transmitters
FCC Part 18 Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment (ISM) i.e. Microwave, RE Lighting Ballast
FCC Part 80 Marine Radio transmitters
FCC Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio Services Including Paging Devices and Mobile Radio Transmitters
ANSI/IEEE C95.1 RE Exposure
FCC Part 95 Personal Radio Service
OET Bulletin 65 RF Exposure
Bellcore GR-1089 EMC and Electrical Safety